Telenor ID is a Single Sign On (SSO) authentication solution for all Telenors apps and services, and for all end-users wanting to securely access these services. Anyone can use Telenor ID, free of charge, without having to become a Telenor customer.

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User experience according to security need

With Telenor ID, apps and services can assess their own content and choose the level of security needed in their login flow to secure their content. High security is often related to added friction in the login-flow. However, this is not necessarily the case with Telenor ID.

There exist several international standards for identity assurance, like NIST, eIDAS and ISO29115. In Telenor ID we have based our architecture on the definition from NIST.

Faster and easier integration

Telenor ID supports all types of client services, whether it is Android apps, iOS apps, or websites. To simplify the integrations, Telenor ID provides Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Android and iOS.

The SDK in Telenor ID context, is a collection of code needed to integrate with our Telenor ID APIs. By using our SDKs, the developers can reuse this code, rather than creating it all from scratch themselves, based on our documentation. The SDKs both simplify the effort needed to integrate, while at the same time ensures the quality of the integration, and reduces the risk of misunderstandings.

One-Click Login

Telenor ID enables a convenient and secure one-click login experience for your users, through their SSO and Automatic Recognition feature.

You can provide your users a one-click login experience by utilising the Telenor ID SSO feature. This feature leverages the network of apps and services integrated with Telenor ID, and provides all users already logged into any service integrated with Telenor ID, with a one-click login also into your service.

All Telenor mobile subscribers also enjoy additional security and convenience by having their phone numbers automatically recognised and verified by the Telenor mobile network.

More convenient 2 step login

Telenor ID provides a more convenient Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which enables most end-users to conveniently login with a one-click experience. Telenor ID asks for the second step in the login flow only when unusual logins are detected.

An unusual login may be caused by logging in from a new location, or someone trying to fraudulently use your Telenor ID. In either case, the end-user will experience additional steps when logging in in order to prevent abuse and ensure a secure login.

Password no longer used as a single factor

In recent years, using a password for logins has proven not only to be inconvenient for end-users; but it also creates friction and is one of the main sources for login drop-offs. This is due to end-users often not remembering passwords which again can lead to negative user experience and, ultimately, drop-off.

In addition, using passwords as a login option can lead to dangerous risks such as account takeovers. The pattern of automated bots attacking different digital services with known username and password combinations is a dangerous threat.

Telenor ID uses state-of-the-art technology for authentication, and is therefore no longer providing password logins as a single factor. To protect your end-users, password-only login is no longer available.

Password-login is still provided as a secondary login step in our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) flows, with e.g 2-step logins.